5 minutes to play

It’s late in the game with the championship at stake – this session puts your players in the driving seat and lets them decide on the tactics that will win the title.

Why use it

This session lets the players decide amongst themselves what to do to win the league. It is a game scenario and it helps them come up with ideas for when they are playing in matches and need to score late goals.

Set up

Set up an area of 40×30 yards with a goal at each end. We’ve used 14 players and you need bibs, ball, cones, goals, plus a pen and paper to draw out the league table.

5 minutes to play

How to play

Use two teams of seven, including keepers. Give them a sheet of paper showing the top five teams in the league, with Barcelona and Real Madrid at the top separated by one point. Tell one team they are Barcelona and the other they are Real Madrid. It’s the last match of the season and the score is 0-0 and they have just entered five minutes of injury time.

Give them a few minutes to work out what a point for each team means. They must sort out their team tactics. They should realise Barcelona need to win but Real Madrid could hold on for a draw and still win the league.


This real life scenario is fun for the players and helps you to see if they are thinking about what they are doing.

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