Attack from wide areas

Quick thinking is the key to this game, because feeding your wide player the ball in an area he can exploit means he can attack from wide positions where there is space on the pitch

Why use it

When you have a fast player quick thinking is vital to giving them the ball in areas they can exploit. In this game a wide ball can create opportunities in midfield or to get players up the pitch to go 1v1 with the keeper.

Set up

Use your normal pitch with a goal at each end. You need to create a 10-yard zone on either side of the pitch and a square zone around the centre circle with two mini goals back to back. We’ve used 16 players, including two keepers.

How to play it

Use two teams of eight, including keepers. Players attack the large goals but they can also turn and attack either of the small goals in the centre square. To do this they must first pass to a player who has gone into the wide zone, who can then pass into the centre zone – or he may decide to run into space left by players moving to cover the centre zone.
Only two players from each team can enter the centre zone at any one time. Teams get two points for scoring in the large goal and one point for scoring in the small goals.


Quick decision-making is needed for players to move wide and attack the small goals for quick points. Speed in game transitions and communication are key.

Get the ball wide

    1. The coach starts and restarts the session with a pass into one of the teams. All restarts are from the coach
    2. Only two players from each team are allowed in the centre zone with the small goals at any one time

Play to the winger

    3. If the way to the main goals is blocked, players can look to pass into the zones on the wings to unlock the centre zone
    4. The player in the wide zone has decisions to make – if he can pass into the centre zone and score one point he should take it

Dribble and shoot

    5. Here the player in the wide zone sees the chance to dribble with the ball and score two points in the large goal
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