Attacking overloads

This is all about playing in the attacking overloads that realistically happen often in a game – 3v2 and 2v1 plus a passing sequence to get players ready for the session ahead.

Why use it

The activity places the demand of transition on the players to go from a defending aspect to an attacking triangle as soon as they regain possession. Also helps the players in recognizing space on the field to give them width and depth on the attack.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and 1 large and 3 small target goals (or use cones). Set up an area 30 x 20 yards. We used 9 players in the session

How to do it

Two teams (6players) designated by the coach play combination passes to pass across the grid end line. The other team of 3 players defend for approximately 3 minutes and then switch roles with 1 of the attacking groups. Focus on triangles within the group of 6 shape. The passer must always have options both to the left and right. Work on group cooperation, via shape giving width and depth, to move the ball quickly when the attackers are numbers up. Technical speed to take advantage of the moment increases the chance for success.


Tactical decision making and the execution of ball skills under match-related conditions will now push the players along on how good triangles shapes in their group play leads to success.

Fast transitions

    1. Forming triangles inside the group of six is the challenge for the players. Encourage players to see the game from their teammate’s perspective.
    2. Encourage players to see the game from their teammate’s perspective.

Fast transitions

    3. The attackers combine passes to penetrate down the sideline.
    4. The players combine play and then switch the point of attack

Fast transitions

    5. Ask players Guided Discovery questions such as:
    Q: What shape could the 6attackers take?
    Q: if the forward pass isn’t there what should you do?

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