Breakout and score

Use this Fulham Academy session if you want your team to burst forward with speed and accuracy to create goalscoring opportunities from midfield and stretch your opponents to create holes in their defences.

Why use it

This is a great session for possession and speed of play in midfield, with quick ball speed important to replicate match situations. It also helps the movement of strikers to create space and works on their receiving skills. The key point is: “Can the forward pass be spotted early?”

Set up

Use the centre of your pitch and mark out an area the width of your penalty area made into a square around the centre circle. Place the goals at an angle. We’ve used two teams of seven.

How to do it

The coach serves to start one team attacking. This team must make five passes before releasing the ball to a midfield runner who breaks out of the zone. A defender can follow to try to win the ball. If the defending team wins the ball in the central area, they can release a runner in a counterattacking style – and one player is again allowed to join the attack. All restarts are with the coach.


The forward pass to the runner needs accuracy and a good weight and selection of pass. Counterattacking runs need good timing, and good finishing.

Break out from the square

    1. The game starts with a pass out from the coach to a player who must pass to a team-mate
    2. The team in possession must make five passes before they can break out of the box – they can attack either goal

Break out and score

    3. One of the players needs to make a good run to catch the opposition out
    4. One defender can also run out of the area after the five passes to try to defend the goal

Break out and score

    5. Here the team in possession loses the ball and the opposition quickly turn it into a goal
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