Counter attack in 6 seconds

This session is based on the transition from regaining possession to attacking quickly whilst the opposition are outnumbered, with quick counter attacks.

It is focused mainly on the attacking process and highlights the strength’s of the attackers, i:e pace and skill to score a goal as quickly as possible with a time limited opportunity to score a goal forcing the attackers to move at high speed.

The key things to look out for are

* Quick, forward movement.

* Shooting ability

* Secondary movement to create overloads

Breakout to score

    1. Play starts with the goalkeeper passing out from the back to one of the three defenders
    2. The defenders split so one goes right one goes left to give options to the goalkeeper
    3. Now the three defenders combine against the two attackers to pass the ball into the safe zone where four midfielders wait for the ball
    4. Once the ball is in the safe zone two of the midfielders join the two attackers to go 4v3 against the defenders
    5. The moment the ball leaves the safe zone the attackers have 6 seconds to score

Score in 6 seconds

    1. Now play goes the other way and the safe zone players switch
    2. Movement once the ball has been released from the safe zone must be quick and split the defenders by using the full width of the area to drag defenders wide leaving gaps in the centre
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