Find the space

This session shows you how to open up the pitch and exploit space behind the defence. Your players will learn how to drag defenders to one side and switch play across the pitch in order to pull defenders apart and create space in the middle.

Set up

For this session you will need bibs, plenty of balls, cones, two target goals and a full-sized goal. Use the attacking third of your pitch with a 10-yard channel on each wing. Use the full-size goal at the penalty area end and place the target goals 25 yards from the other end at opposite sides. We’ve used 11 players including a keeper.

How to play

Play 6v4 plus keeper. The team of six has four midfielders, plus two attackers who must stay in the penalty area. Only the two nominated attackers can score. If the team of six get the ball from one channel to the other (switching play) and are able to score, then their points are doubled. The team of four try to score in the target goals. There are no offsides.


Switching play needs to be done quickly with players exploiting the situation. You want to see an end product from the switch, so look for good crossing and finishing.

1. All starts and restarts are with the team of six playing out from the 25-yard line. Teams play for seven restarts and then rotate the players
2. The idea of the session is to use the channels to switch play and the target goals give an extra way to switch

3. Here the movement of the ball has pulled the opposition to one side and the ball is quickly switched with an accurate long pass to the wing
4. Once the ball has moved from one channel to the other the team can attack the goal and exploit the space created by the switch

5. Players don’t have to use the channels but if they score without using both channels it only counts for one point

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