Finder’s keepers

This helps make use of possession to advance play by creating time and space through a combination of goalkeeper and defenders. Communication between the players is vital to the success of the session.

Set up

Set up two penalty boxes adjacent to each other. In each area is a normal sized goal with a goalkeeper. Use the width of the penalty box and the depth of two penalty boxes. We’ve used 16 players.

How to play it

Play 6v6 in the area with two neutrals playing for the team in possession. Each team has a keeper. Regular rules apply except when possession is won by the other team, then the ball must be passed back to the keeper before it can be played back into the opponents half of the field.


Back passes to the keeper should be played wide of the goal to prevent the team conceding from a mis-kick. Look for good passing technique and players moving to open up the pitch, so the keepers can join in and create space for forward passes.

Goalkeeper passing

    1. The game is started and restarted by the goalkeepers, who are encouraged to take two touches
    2. It’s a normal game but the two neutrals play for the team in possession of the ball

    3. When a turnover of possession occurs, the team that gains possession must pass back to the goalkeeper before playing forward
    4. Attacking players attempt to penetrate behind and between the opposition defence

    5. The goalkeepers should be actively involved in the play at all times and should be prepared to pass and to support their own pass
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