Go forward or switch

Players need to be able to create space to either play forward or switch play. It helps them to set up positive attacking options. Moving the ball quickly with both long and short passes gives teams the chance to create 1v1 situations or overloads which are key situations for exploiting the opposition. Knowing when to switch play is vital to a successful attacking style.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Set up two areas side by side 15×15 yards each. We used 16 players in the session

How to play it

The session starts with 8 players for each square, 2 on each corner. Two balls are working at the same time starting at opposite corners. In each square the two players in possession pass and follow the pass to their right until they make it back to their starting places. Restart and play in the opposite direction. Race the two squares to see which team can complete the task first. To progress the session put two of the players midway along opposite sides who receive and pass or set the ball for the running player, again follow the pass until they get back to the start.


The emphasis is on passing quickly so good pass and good first touch are vital to the success. Under time pressures this becomes even harder so the technique gets a good test and will improve player’s ability to pass and receive.

1. In the first phase of the passing drill team move the ball around anti-clockwise with each player following his pass
2. Teams compete to see who can get all the players back to their starting positions the quickest

3. For the second phase midway players are added on opposite touchlines on each square stand side on to receive the ball and make the half-turn to play the pass stand side on to receive the ball and make the half-turn to play the pass
4. Players must again follow the pass and move around the square, if the pass is to the midway player they must go to that position

5. Now the midway player passes back to the passer who then passes forward

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