Late runs into the penalty area

This session works on late runs by the fullback to combine with a winger who cuts inside to receive the ball inside the penalty area to create a goalscoring chance.

Why use it

The passes into a striker are vital for them to use their goalscoring ability and hit the back of the net.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and 2 goals. Use half your normal pitch. You need 16 players – if you have less you can just set up one side of the pitch.

How to play

You need to split your players into two teams of 8. Teams work at the same time – player A (fullback) passes to player B (attacking mid) who passes across to C (winger). Player C sets up play with a pass back to A who passes down the line where player B has anticipated and run down the line. When he receives the ball he looks for player C who has made the run into the box. Play works both ways – you want all players to work at a high tempo even the younger age groups. When Player C receives the ball in the penalty area you want to see one-touch shooting.


Passing is vital to the success of this session with anticipation of movement key to the play. Good shooting from the attacker.

Late runs into penalty area

    1. The fullback starts with the ball at cone A and passes into the attacking midfielder at cone B
    2. The passing must be crisp and accurate – player B passes to cone C who control the ball and looks to set the ball back to player A
    3. Player A moves off the cone towards player C and passes first time down the wing
    4. Player B must anticipate the ball down the wing and move into position to receive it
    5. Player C moves into the penalty area to receive a cross from out wide and shoots into the net
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