Defensive diamond

Defensive Diamond

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A defensive diamond is created when a team’s midfielder drops back from midfield towards his own goal (also known as dropping deep) to form a diamond shape with his goalkeeper and two centre backs. MORE

Open Shoulders

Open Shoulders

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Open shoulders refers to a player’s body position if he is facing a team mate ahead of receiving a pass from him. MORE


Pass, receive, move

in Passing, Tactics

This is a great session to show players how reactions are vital to the ability of the team to move the ball between players and around the pitch – before the pass, with the ball and then after the pass. Also the progression adds the pressure of a defender MORE

Half-time team talk

Reacting at half-time with a team talk

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The big decision that faces all coaches whatever level they are coaching is how do they react to the half-time scoreline? Going all out to kill the game or parking the bus if you are winning – but if you're losing what do you tell your team to do? MORE

5 minutes to play feature

5 minutes to play

in Tactics

It’s late in the game with the championship at stake – this session puts your players in the driving seat and lets them decide on the tactics that will win the title. Why use it This session lets the players decide amongst themselves what to do to win the league. It is a game scenario... MORE

Box Switch

SWITCHING PLAY – box switch

in Attacking, Tactics

Simple fact. Being able to switch play makes the pitch bigger and give more options to create goalscoring situations – this variant on the theme looks at switching play from a counter attack MORE

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