15 yard rule

15 Yard Rule

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The 15 yard rule applies to throw-ins. The rule is very simple – all receiving players must start at least 15 yards away from the throw-in taker. MORE

No touch

No Touch

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No touch is a type of turn. To make a no touch turn a player must allow the ball to roll past him and into space. MORE

Face their goal

Face Their Goal

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Face their goal is a tactic used when the team is defending. It is a reminder to players to recover the team’s defensive shape and stand facing up the pitch. MORE

Touch on the move - part 1

Touch on the Move

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Touch on the move is a term used to describe a player who, when receiving a pass, makes a first touch that puts the ball into space (not allowing the ball to stop rolling). MORE

Front marking

Front Marking

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Front marking is a tactic used by midfielders and forwards to block the ball as it is being passed to the player being marked. MORE

Space, not man

Space, Not Man

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If a team is told space, not man the players are being directed to mark, or protect, the space between the opposing attackers and their own goal, rather than getting tight (close) to the attackers. MORE

Jump to press

Jump to Press

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Jump to press is a tactic used specifically by midfielders and forwards to chase vigorously the opposition’s passes that are played backwards. MORE

Aggressive marking

Aggressive Marking

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Aggressive marking is the term used when a defender is marking on the shoulder of his direct opponent, i.e. he is positioned next to, rather than behind, the attacker. MORE

Channel side

Channel Side

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Channel side is a defending tactic used up by a central defender, which positions him closer to the touchline than his direct opponent. The defender will also be on the shoulder of the opponent and in a supporting position behind the team’s full back. MORE

Blindside run

Blindside Run

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A blindside run is a move made by an attacker that a defender doesn’t see because he is busy watching the ball. MORE

Teaser passes

Teaser Passes

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A team will play short teaser passes to lure opponents out of position, force them to chase the ball and suck them into one area of the field. MORE



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Horseshoe is the name given to the tactic of passing the ball around the defensive line from one side of the pitch to the other. MORE

Tumble Dryer

Tumble Dryer

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Tumble dryer is a term used to describe random movements by players of an attacking team in central areas of the pitch. The tactic is used specifically when opponents are sitting deep inside their own half. MORE

One touch kill

One Touch Kill

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A one touch kill is a quick first-time pass that gets a team out of a pressured situation caused by the opposition. MORE

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