SWITCHING PLAY – box switch

Simple fact. Being able to switch play makes the pitch bigger and give more options to create goalscoring situations – this variant on the theme looks at switching play from a counter attack.

Why use it

This session is about counter-attacking, transition and players rotating in their positions. Attackers practice good link up play and fast paced combinations and decision making. Defenders work against overloads.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cone. Set up a 30×30 yard area with four 5×5 yard boxes. We’ve used 16 players in this session.

How to play

Split your players into two teams of 6 players plus 4 more in the small boxes who play for the team in possession. Teams must keep possession using the 4 players in the boxes, once they have played it a couple of times make it a rule that the ball must come out of a different side of the box to the one it went in. Teams must try and get the ball to all four players in the boxes to win the game. Play three games of 4 minutes.


Body position is important – it must be open to receive the ball and move it on afterwards.

Box Switch

    1.Play starts with one of the teams who must start to try and link up play
    2. At first the ball can come out of any side of the box including the side it went in

Box Switch

    3. In the progression the ball must come out from a distant side to the one it went in
    4. Players must read the pass and give options to make it easier for the pass

Box Switch

    5. The ball must go to all the players in the boxes to win the game.
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