SWITCHING PLAY – switch to score

This game encourages teams to switch play and to create space away from the ball – it is a condition of the game that teams must switch before they can score a goal.

Why use it

Looking to see where the space is on the pitch is vital to creating goal scoring opportunities

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and two goals. Set up an area 50 x 35 yards. We used 20 players in the session.

How to play

Two teams of six players compete for possession inside the area, with a third team of six used as floaters on the outside who play for the team in possession. The goals face opposite ways in the middle of the pitch with a keeper in each, dividing the area in two sub-areas. Both teams inside the areas are free to move their players wherever they like. To be able to score or attack the goal, the team in possession has to switch the play from one space to the other at least once. To manufacture situations the number of touches can be manipulated with the teams inside the area.


One and two-touch with good passing and movement to keep possession of the ball. Passing into space is key here between the two areas.

Switch to score

    1. The server starts play with a pass into the centre circle where teams battle it out to win the ball in a 6v6.
    2. The floaters play for the team in possession and can be either one or two touch
    3. In order to score a goal teams must switch play from one side to the other

Switch to score

    5. Here good movement from the white team sees them move the ball from one side to the other and back before scoring a goal
    4. The outside players are often the ones who can see where space is so a pass to them can set up a goal in the other zone
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