My 12-Point Grassroots Coaching Plan

I have been looking through my curriculum for the youngest age group Under 7- Under 8 to help out some parent coaches that have come to me for advice as they had volunteered to take the younger age groups starting in September.

A couple of them asked how I’d kick things off, and I thought I’d share with you what my plan will be. My immediate thoughts are that I want my players to be technically good. I’ll then mix that in with a few speed of movement skills. Initially I will use unopposed sessions until my players are up to speed. I can then put in opposition to make the task harder.

Here is my 12-point technical plan. I will tell players to:

  1. Use side of the foot and instep to kick the ball both along the ground and through the air with accuracy.
  2. Use all parts of the body…apart from the arms!
  3. Control the ball with all parts of the body…apart from the arms!
  4. Concentrate on accuracy of passing when on the move.
  5. Shoot at goal with accuracy, which takes priority over power.
  6. Concentrate on crossing accuracy to near and far posts. This will take some time with the younger ones and therefore crossing will be initially about direction rather than power.
  7. Try to gain confidence in defensive and attacking heading using the right technique (check local rules on heading the ball).
  8. Take on board 1v1 skills that give your players the ability to get past an opponent using feints and stepovers.
  9. Practice quick passing tactics to get past opponents with skills like wall passes.
  10. Appreciate the art of set pieces, freekicks, corners and penalties.
  11. Practice individual techniques like shielding, recovering and tackling.
  12. Take notice of the correct technique and tactics for throw-ins.

This is my initial technical blueprint. Of course, you need to think about tactics, positional play and a code of conduct that comes outside of this, but as a pretty thorough technical game plan, I can’t wait to hear from the coaches about how they are progressing.

Use this Block The Pass session from my EasiCoach Under 7s – Under 8s curriculum to get your team on the development trail.

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