End of season checklist – 25 jobs to do

When the season comes to an end, a coach has more things to do than just say farewell to his players. Take note of my 25-point checklist before you break up for the close season…

Clearing up at the end of the season

    1. 1 Make sure you know when training ends and the new season begins.

2 Work out all individual player targets and challenges and see how well your players have progressed over the season.

3 Go over your coaching highs and lows and write them down while they are still fresh.

4 Check you filled in your coaching syllabus if you have one.

5 Are you staying with your players next season and moving up to the next age group?

6 Are you going to be coaching a different age group with different sized balls and goals? Order the correct equipment in the close season.

7 Equipment check: is the equipment stacked away neatly ready for the next season?

8 Check that the league you play in is aware you want to play next season

9 If you have to change leagues make sure you have all the necessary information and apply at the right time.

10 Are league matches played on the same day next season?

11 If your games will be played on a different day, have you checked all your players are available to play on that day?

12 Have you booked your training facility for next season? Can all the players make the evenings and times you have chosen?

13 Identify any coaching courses you can go on over the summer.

14 If any soccer kit needs to be given to the team below for the next season, get it back from the players.

15 Are any players leaving? Will you have to recruit over the summer?

16 Set up a day for trials to find new players for your club.

17 Has everyone paid up for the season? Don’t leave it until later when the player may have left the club.

18 Do you have any manager vacancies to fill? Now is the time to advertise.

19 Do you have a team sponsor for next season? If not, get help to try and find one.

20 If you intend to play in any tournaments over the close season, get an idea of who is available and when, and plan how many tournaments you can realistically take part in.

21 Plan some get-togethers so players see each other during the close season – things like barbecues, or maybe playing different sports. It keeps the team together and helps with team spirit.

22 Urge your players to watch videos of as many soccer games as they can over the close season. This will help them better grasp the flow of the game.

23 Check you have up-to-date details of all your players so you do not lose touch when you need to get organised for the new season.

24 Make sure you renew player registration cards for the new season.

25 Check that all your helpers are available for the new season.

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