End your season on a high

End of season matches can have leave a bad taste in the mouths of coaches parents and players unless you end on a high – and I don’t mean you have to win your last game.

U15s Last game

But you do have to make a fuss of everyone involved in the team so they end the season feeling that it was worth it. You can give them an update on the development of individual players, tell them your hopes for next season or if you want to just give them all a packet of Maoams.

I love to see the players’ faces when they are given something extra after the last game – and often they want to be the ones giving the money to the referee and helping tidy up the pitch for the last time.

Sadly some players leave to go to a different sport or move clubs so there is also the need to make a fuss of them and give them the chance to say goodbye to everyone.

A lot of our under 11s are moving to rugby and that will clash with playing matches at the weekend so they will be the ones not returning which will big gaps in the team and the club.

However hopefully there are many new players just waiting to get into the club and that presents new opportunities and friendships.

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