Too many parents want to help run the team!

“After a rousing appeal for volunteers I now have too many parents wanting to be involved with the team. What should I do with them all?”


It’s difficult bringing volunteers into a team, but it seems you’ve really sold them the team ethos, and it’s clear their sons must be enjoying their football too if parents want to help.

I really wouldn’t worry about it, but you’re right to want to manage it properly, since you don’t want parents to feel they’re not part of something they obviously want to invest time in.

The best way to accommodate multiple parents would be to alternate the weeks in which they help out.

This could do great things for your players too – they won’t become lazy or too familiar in front of the same two or three coaches, and in theory you should always have new ideas being put to them because the expertise is coming from different parents.

Maybe there are volunteering roles that aren’t coaching-based too? A parent could help keep the club’s website updated, or could assist in the planning for upcoming tournaments.

As you know, running a soccer team goes way beyond what happens on the training pitch, and if you split time and responsibilities carefully, you have the opportunity here for a really well-oiled machine.

Try this Strike in pairs game from my subscription digital magazine. It needs a lot of helpers to make the session work well.

To keep the tempo of the game going, position a few parents around the pitch to stop the balls and get them back on the pitch quickly. It’s a great way to keep them occupied during your training sessions!

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