Press Gang the opposition like Real Madrid

Real Madrid win the ball back quickly. They don’t wait for opponents to make a mistake, they force mistakes so they can regain possession. With this session your team will too.


This session is all about pressing play and winning the ball, and if your team has the ball, the opposition cannot score.


You need balls, bibs and cones in an area of 60×30 yards split into two 30×30 yard areas. We used 12 players in the session.

Press Gang like Real Madrid


Split the players into three groups of four. Two teams play 4v4 in one half of the pitch, with the other four players around the sides of the pitch. The team in possession can use these players to help keep possession.

The team in possession makes five passes in a row and then the ball is played to the neutral player at the other end of the pitch and the game moves into that half, with possession remaining with the same team. If the defending team wins the ball, they must get it to the player in the other square and they keep possession.


Good for possession play and getting players to try to quickly close down. It’s also good for working on cutting down angles, intercepting and forcing mistakes, plus for attacking skills like shielding, first touch, passing and movement.

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