Why do I have low numbers at training?


“Only four turned up to training again tonight. That’s three weeks in a row. What’s the point in me giving up my valuable time?”


You need to find out why this is happening because it could be something simple that is easily put right, such as:

  • The players are not enjoying the training.
  • The team is on a losing steak and the players’ motivation is affected by this.
  • A poor run of weather, where overhead and underfoot it’s been so bad any quality work has been diluted and thus the players lose interest.

Or it could be something harder to change, such as:

  • A problem could be with the coach, the style of delivery or a lack of motivational direction.
  • Poor facilities or infrastructure at the club compared to other local clubs.

It’s no use trying to guess what the problem is. To find out why the players are not turning up you should contact each player and speak to them directly. Once you have found the reason it’s important you sit down and plan how you are going to address each one. You should include other coaches, players and parents in any plan to overcome the problem.

It is vital you make it clear to your players that the problem is being addressed. It is also important that you show enthusiasm for what you are doing when implementing the plan.


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