5 tips to get your striker scoring again

If you’ve got a stuttering striker, follow these handy confidence-boosting tips to get him firing again…

  1. Keep confidence high by sticking by strikers and giving them plenty of game time
  2. Tell them to relax and enjoy their football and not worry about the drought – the goals will come
  3. Praise them for their passing and link-up play – even if they’re not scoring they need to be reminded of their vital role in the team
  4. Switch their position slightly – play them just off another striker to remove some of the pressure and give them something new to think about
  5. Encourage them to hit the ball earlier, first time, or after one touch. Misfiring strikers often take too long to set themselves because they fear they will miss

If you feel any of your strikers have lost their goal scoring touch, try running this training session to get attackers firing on all cylinders again