6 Steps to Better Demos

Demonstrations are a very powerful way of getting information over to young players. Here are the six steps to ensure they have the effect you want.

Step 1: Set the scene

Establish exactly what you want to achieve from the demonstration. Tell your players what you are showing them and what they should be looking at. Outline the criteria for success.

Step 2: Get the level right

If it’s a new technique or skill you will need to go right back to basics. If it’s a skill you have been working on for a while you can focus on the more advanced aspects. Always highlight the basics though even if your players are good at them, and never overload them with information.

Step 3: Know your stuff

You should be clear on what you are about to demonstrate. Make a note of the key factors you want to get across to your players so you don’t forget any of them. Practise the demonstration beforehand so you are confident in your own ability and can talk through each part of it.

Step 4: Check for understanding

Ask your players questions to check that they have understood what they have been watching. You can even ask a couple of players to come out and demonstrate after you. Allow your players time to ask any questions regarding the demonstration.

Step 5: Hands on

After your demonstration make sure your players get an immediate opportunity to try out the skill. Keep reinforcing the key factors and correcting any faults you see.

Step 6: Assess the results

At the end of your session gather your players in and check that they have remembered the key factors you were trying to get across. Answer any questions they have regarding the session and tell them what the next steps will be in terms of developing the new skill.