Coaching tips for diving saves

Keeping the ball out of the net is just as important as scoring, and the best part of being a goalkeeper is making a diving save. Follow these soccer coaching tips to improve your goalie’s diving skills.
diving skills

Key soccer coaching tip: Get into position early.

  1. Diving saves are not just about agility through the air. Sharp reactions and good footwork skills are also essential.
  2. Be on your toes and move your feet to give yourself the best chance of reaching the ball with your dive.
  3. Bend the knee nearest to where you will be diving and collapse that leg as you fall to the side.
  4. Keep your arms well out in front of you so that you can reach as far as possible or react to any possible deflection on the shot.
  5. Get your hands behind the ball and try to hold on to the shot. If you cannot do this, try to push the ball away from the goal so there is no chance of a rebound.
  6. Get back to your feet as quickly as possible after making the save, as another shot could come straight in.
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