Crossing at pace and throw-in problems for U10s

I turned up very early to my U10s match at the weekend because I wanted to catch some of the other games being played at our club. In the time it took me to order a coffee and start drinking the opposition had put two goals in against one of our teams.

Both goals were scored with low and hard crosses from the wings and well directed into the corners of the goal by the attackers. Very well worked moves that were good enough to win the game.

However, I was surprised that the team’s next few moves were all big kicks down the middle from the goalkeeper. They had been creative and finished well, but having carved open our team they stopped doing it.

It’s a simple lesson – if your tactics work – don’t change them!

Throw-in technique

My U10s team had to give the ball to the opposition three times because they committed three foul throws. I wasn’t annoyed with the team, I was annoyed with myself for not giving them a refresher in throwing the ball.

But I have a great game which I can use from one of the world’s top coaches, Keith Boanas. It’s fun but also encourages players to throw the ball correctly under pressure. If all your players are able to take quick throw-ins, they can take advantage and catch the opposition unaware and out of position.

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