How to defend overloads as an individual

Defending in different overload situations is vital for a strong defender who can repel attackers. Which team can build an advantage as the game moves towards 4v4 in this rapidly expanding series of overload situations?

Why use it

Defensive players will face all sorts of different attacking combinations in attack which they need to experience so they know how to cope in matches

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and two goals. Set up an area 40 x 30 yards. We used 10 players in the session.

How to do it

The first player from the white team dribbles and uses three touches to shoot against the keeper. Immediately two players from the red team make a 2v1 going in the opposite direction. Players are then added in sequence – so next it’s a 3v2 in favour of the whites – until all players have entered the pitch to finally make it 4v4. For the 4v4 game play with four ball, and play until all balls end up in the net. Which team has the most goals?


Concentrate on the defending side of this session – support play and getting tight on the player with the ball

Individual defending

    1. The session starts with the first player running towards goal taking three touches before shooting
    2. The goalkeeper should treat this like a real attack and move quickly out to close down force the attacker to shoot early

Individual defending in various overloads

    3. After the lone attacker has shot he must then defend his goal against the defenders
    4. Two defenders go and must split up to make it hard for the attacker to defend the ball

Individuals in a back four

    5. Now it is three attackers and the two players must defend the goal using support and cover
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