Drill tips to make training more fun

As a soccer coach, your priority is improving individual player’s skills and the effectiveness of the team as a whole. But players, however motivated, will get bored with practising drills in the same way. Use the following soccer coaching drill tips to add a bit of variety and keep your players focused and keen.
Put a time limit on your drill target

After going through some of the soccer coaching drills, try putting a time limit on achieving a certain target. For example, five passes in one area, followed by fives passes in another in 30 seconds.

The element of pressure builds a certain amount of tension, but also can lead to players enjoying the success. If they can beat their own or other players’ times, they will enjoy the task even more.

Change the drill grid shape

Don’t just drill in boxes or circles, use different shapes set out by cones. This will force players to think in different ways. Some coaches set out drills within a snake-like shape with differing widths in which players must progress up the pitch. Also try passing on slopes or in long grass.

Different size balls

With all the different types of promotional balls, as well as age group balls, there are lots of different sizes of ball you can use in your soccer drill.

Don’t just practise your soccer drills using one size of ball, get the players to pass using all shapes and sizes in one drill. The variety of shapes will challenge players to change the way they may receive and make a pass.

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