Fuel mix soccer fitness tips

How fuel-mix training can benefit your soccer (football) players’ fitness and stamina.
Soccer (football) is not a continuous steady state sport – your players will have to make frequent changes to their running speed and intensity of effort, plus various strength and power movements, such as tackling and jumping.

Players, therefore, require a ‘fuel mix’ of aerobic and anaerobic energy to sustain performance. The aim of fuel-mix training is to develop a capacity to generate energy and resist fatigue, so players can perform effectively for the duration of the game.

Interval training refers to bouts of exercise for a given period of time or a specified distance. Rest is provided between intervals to facilitate and manipulate levels of recovery; the longer the rest interval the greater the level of recovery.

This rest period allows the energy tanks time to refuel. The greater the level of refuelling, the greater your chances of repeating a fast interval.

Interval combinations

Long work time, short interval rest time

400m interval with 45s rest. Work time longer than rest time therefore developing fitness with an aerobic emphasis. Because the rest is short you cannot run each interval fast! Best used early pre-season.

Short work time, long rest time

90m shuttle (3 x 30m) with 90s rest. Rest time lot more than work time so anaerobic energy is prominant. Best used all year round!

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