Keeping players fit at the end of the season

We’ve turned into the home straight in our season in England, and my players are showing a bit of wear and tear. Their lack of fitness is beginning to hit us in the latter part of matches. Tired legs can’t get to the ball as quickly as before and that is a threat to our goal.

So tonight I’m going to treat my players to a bit of fitness training to get them back up to full strength. Playing when tired means skills go out of the window and passes go astray. The exercise I’m going to use tonight is about passing and turning under pressure.


Defenders make great attackers… just ask our opposition last week. One of my defenders must have had rockets in his boots because he was up and down the pitch for the whole match.

He never tired, was a constant thorn in the opposition defence and was often the last man standing when they attacked. We scored our first goal from his corner and he ended up with the man-of-the-match trophy.

His ability to pass the ball through midfield and support play by moving up the wing allowed my attackers to go into the penalty area with him on the overlap. This created situations that constantly threatened the opposition goal.

He deserved the man-of-the-match trophy because he has been working hard in training and showing incredible fitness levels.

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