Soccer Coaching Kick Off Tips

Effective kick off tactics can make a massive difference in soccer. This article will help your team to make the most of having the ball at kick-off.

The best way to do this is to put pressure on with a clever pass. Use this soccer (football) drill to coach your young players to use tactics at kick off.

Key soccer coaching tips for putting pressure on at kick-offs:

1. Be positive: go forward at kick-off

At kick off, coach your soccer (football) players to go forward – a player must sprint down the left side and the ball will be kicked to him.


2. Remember that fast passing and movement is essential for a quick breakaway.

Here’s an illustration for implementing your tactic:

soccer tactic for putting pressure on opponents during kick-off

I watched a game where this tactic was put into practice. When the game restarted after the first goal, the kick off began with a sprint down the left and a long ball going over the player’s head and out for a throw in.

The opposition was quickly put under pressure in the left corner. Their throw-in went to a defender who struggled with his first touch, allowing an attacker to take the ball from him and head for the goal.

The resulting shot missed, but you can see where the team using this soccer kick-off tactic are coming from. I’m going to try that at our next match. I think you should too.

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