Soccer coaching laws of the game Law 2 the ball

These soccer coaching tips are designed to help coaches and players understand the fundamental laws of the game. In this article, we look at Law 2 and the rules involving the ball.

Law 2: The ball

Applies to: 11-a-side, 7-a-side and minis.

The ball is spherical and made of leather or other suitable material. If the ball bursts or becomes defective:

  • The match is stopped.
  • The match is restarted by dropping the replacement ball at the place where the first ball became defective.
  • If the ball bursts or becomes defective whilst not in play at a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, free kick, penalty kick or throw-in, the match is restarted accordingly.

Choosing the right size ball

Many soccer leagues have different size requirements, so be sure to check with your league to find out which is the proper size for the age group that the ball will be used with. Soccer balls for match use come in three different sizes, which range from size 3 to size 5:

  • Size 3 balls are the smallest balls and are generally used for children under the age of 8. These balls are generally 23-24 inches in circumference and weigh between 11-12 ounces.
  • Size 4 balls are used for players between the ages of 8-12. These balls weigh between 12-13 ounces and have a circumference of 25-26 inches.
  • Size 5 This is the international standard match ball for all ages 13 and older, including all adult play. These balls weigh between 14-16 ounces with a circumference of 27-28 inches.

The ball may not be changed during the match without the authority of the referee.


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