Soccer coaching tips to get young players intercepting the pass

Use these soccer coaching tips to get your young players practising intercepting the ball.

An interception is as good as, and sometimes better than, winning the ball in the tackle. In youth soccer, an interception can catch the whole team out and create space for goal-scoring opportunities.

You can get your players to intercept the ball by reacting to it quicker than the opposition. A lot of junior players will wait for the ball to come to them from a pass, which gives the defenders a chance to step in and take the ball before it gets to them.

Get your players to think about:

  • Reading what the opposition midfield and strikers are likely to do.
  • Keeping an eye out for players waiting for passes to come to them.
  • Being ready to block through balls from midfield to attack.
  • Interceptions give good opportunities to pass or run with the ball into space, so don’t waste them.

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