Soccer coaching tips to make throw ins attacking

Throw-ins in the attacking third of the field are more than just a way of re-starting play, they’re also a means of launching attacks. Coach your players to make the most of them with the following soccer drills.

Throw in drill tips

  • There are various elements that make up the attacking throw. You need players to move around – checking back, crossover runs etc – to create space for the ball to be thrown into.
  • Where possible, throw-ins should be quick to get the opposition on the back foot and give your attackers chance to run at them. Players should also be looking to throw the ball forward into areas that cause the most danger to the opposition.
  • It is also good practice to get the throw-in taker to communicate with the players he is looking to throw the ball to, this can be simply eye contact or a verbal shout.
  • You should also encourage your throw-in taker to follow the ball on to the pitch to support play.

    drills to practise making throw ins attacking


Set up a drill for throw-ins

  • Set up a 10 yards x 15 yards grid use a ball and four or five players.
  • Play 2v1 in the grid. Play begins with an attacker’s throw-in from near one corner of the grid.
  • Once the ball is in play, the attackers combine to reach the endzone at the far end of the grid.

Extend the soccer drill

After three goes, rotate players so everyone has a go at being the thrower and the defender in the drill. Introduce another attacker and defender.

With additional players the thrower’s decision-making skills are tested.

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