Soccer penalty games and tips

Help your players perform to the best of their abilities in penalty situations with this selection of soccer penalty games and advice.

It is only natural that your young players will get nervous when it comes to beating the goalkeeper with a penalty kick, so these articles provide advice on the best ways to score from 12 yards.

Soccer penalty games can be played any time throughout a training session, although leaving them until the end gives your players something to look forward to because of the fun and competitive elements involved.

This article starts with a reminder of Law 14, which deals with the penalty kick, and finishes with a tips piece to help you improve your goalkeeper’s performance on spot kicks.


Law 14: The penalty kick

This article takes coaches through the process of taking the penalty kick, from making sure the ball is placed properly on the mark, to the rules governing rebounds. These rules apply to: 11-a-side, 7-a-side and minis.

Placer or lacer game

Which of your players are “placers” and which are “lacers”? This soccer penalty game is played in a knockout format. Use your best goalkeeper because it is good practice for him too. Rebounds are allowed but players are not permitted a second bite of the cherry if they hit the post or bar.

The Top Corner Penalty

Research carried out suggests that a powerful penalty into either of the top corners will not be saved by the goalkeeper. However, there is a conventional theory among many in the game that aiming low into the side-netting is the best tactic when it comes to taking penalties.

Tips for goalkeepers

This article reveals which is the most common side for a penalty taker to aim for. There is also a step-by-step guide to predicting where the ball may go by watching the taker prepare for the kick. Tell your goalkeeper not to commit too soon when trying to save penalty kicks.

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