Technique: lose your marker 2

In the second part of losing your marker session the onus is on players to create space when receiving the ball. To do that, they must always be able to adopt a good start position, being aware of defenders and teammates alike, and with consideration of how their body shape will change when receiving the ball. Players should give a little look over the shoulder, then to come off defenders and run behind.

See Lose your marker 1 here

Set up

Two-ball practice In a 20×10-yard area we have four players, two balls and one mannequin (or a cone).

How to do it

Each of the two middle receiving players must step away from and back in front of the mannequin, and show for the ball to feet. At the same time, he has a look over his shoulder to check where the defender (mannequin) is, then assesses how this affects his body position. Each player subsequently receives a pass, quickly laying the ball back to his team-mate. Repeat the move.

In the progression in diagram 2, only one ball is used so as to stimulate interplay between the two receivers. When the ball is fed into the middle, players link up with short passes and quick movement, continuing the advancement of the ball from one end of the area to the other.

Finally in diagram three play an opposed 4v4 possession practice. The outside players are two touch, while players in the area have no touch limits.

Pass and move

    1. In the two-ball practice, receiving players come off the mannequin then move back in front to return the pass

Movement to beat opponent

    2. For the oneball practice, receiving players perform quick interplay in the middle before the ball is passed to the other end

    3. Moving to the multi-directional practice, more complex interplay is to be performed with teams attacking different sides. You can add time pressures
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