13 player high press and attack session

Learning the triggers of when to press and to control both sides of the pitch in attack and defence.

Why use it

For individuals, the task helps fine-tune the art of reading triggers to press, along with blocking the line of the pass into the target and pressing with intensity. For each team, the practice is about communication and encouragement, plus rehearsal of depth and cover behind the press.

Set up

You need balls, bibs and cones and 2 target and one main goal in the final third of the pitch. We used 12 players and a goalkeeper in the session.

High press and attack

How to play

This is all about playing out from the back into attack which is your main coaching point. Split your teams into two teams of 6 players – one team attempting to play out into the target goals – they are split into four defenders and two midfielders so you can play 4 across the back and 2 roving midfielders. The other team can play in their own formation let them decide how to defend the two goals (for instance, two forwards, two wide players and two midfielders), and when they win the ball they need to attack the goal.


Passing and movement is vital to keeping the ball. The defending team must react and block any advance.