15 Minute Pass and Rotation

By Noel Mitchell, Northern Ireland Under 17s Girls Coach and Elite Soccer contributor

This is a warm-up session in the form of a match-related drill. Flexibility is key in this practice, from building up play from out wide to encouraging players to come inside and play narrow.

The drill uses a combination of short, lofted and long passes with players specialising in one and two-touch play.

Set up

Area: Full pitch
Equipment: Bibs, cones, goals
Number of Players: Up to 21
Session Time: 15mins

15 Minute Pass and Rotation

What do I get the players to do?

This features three teams of three, with outside players As and Bs, who have two touches and play to whichever team passes to them (1). Each team has a ball, and must exchange passes using the outside players, albeit with restrictions:

  • When a player passes to an A player, he cannot receive the ball back – it must go to a team mate.
  • When a player passes to a B player, he must go to get the ball and continue.

We work for five minutes, then rotate players.

Next, we build into a game of 4v4 or 5v5 using the same format (2), progressing again so that players must make three passes before they can pass out.

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