Shoot and Defend 2v1

“Two attackers combine to create a shooting opportunity for the third man. Can the third man react quickly and switch from attack to defence to stop the two attackers scoring 2v1?”


Area: 30 x 30 yards
Equipment: 3 Cones, 1 Goal
No. of Players: 9 Outfield, 1 Goalkeeper


  1. The starting player passes into the two attackers and makes a 3rd man run.
  2. The two attackers combine and then play a through pass to the starting player to shoot at goal.
  3. Immediately, the coach passes a ball to the two attackers who try to score in a 2v1 against the starting player. The starting player must react and try to stop the attackers scoring.


  • The players join the back of the position queues and wait for their next turn. • The teams swap positions after a set period of time.


Soccer attack key

3rd man shoot and defend 2v1 - part 1

The starting player passes in and makes an overlapping run to score.

3rd man shoot and defend 2v1 - part 2

After shooting the starting player immediately becomes a defender.

3rd man shoot and defend 2v1 - part 3

And the two attackers try to score 2v1.

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