A challenging activity for brave U10 goalkeepers

It requires a brave goalkeeper to come out at the feet of a striker (even the fearless U10 ones!). Get your young keepers trying this activity to encourage their in-game confidence when faced with an advancing striker.

EasiCoach - Stopping the ball at feet

  1. Place two cones 8 yards apart with a player on each cone – one is an attacker with a ball and the other is the goalkeeper.
  2. The attacker starts with the ball, dribbling towards the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper moves quickly up to the attacker.
  3. The goalkeeper is slowly driven backwards by the dribbling player until he spots an opportunity to either block or clear the ball with his feet or gather the ball with his hands – he then passes back to the attacker and this continues until they reach the goalkeeper’s cone.
  4. Play this at a slow pace as it is difficult for young players to anticipate picking up the ball from an attacker’s feet. The natural thing will be to clear the ball with their feet but try to get them picking the ball up as well.
  5. If the keeper gathers the ball with his hands, the technique should be to either go down on one knee for a stable base or keep the feet together and bend to scoop the ball up.

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