Developing dribbling to pass and receive

The idea of the session is to work towards possession with a purpose which includes understanding how to exploit space. So players begin by learning dribbling decisions then passing decisions

Set up

Set up an area 12×12 yards you need balls, bibs and cones.

How to play it

The session starts with dribbling in a congested area with players varying speed, changing direction into areas where the space is using left and right feet. Next players work in pairs looking to pass and receive – pass to feet in crowded areas, high tempo with good support movement after the pass. Receive on the half turn on the foot furthest from the ball. The final part is to create passing moves in groups of 3 and 4 for team shape, using dribbling to get into positions that make the pass easier.


Look for smart dribbling and passing with players being aware of what’s around them at all times..

    1. Each has a ball and must dribble around the area finding space to help keep control of the ball
    2. Players should be encouraged to change speed and direction as often as possible

    3. Players work in pairs and pass and move to find a new partner
    4. Pass to feet to help the player receiving the ball, keep the passing at match pace

    5. Work in groups of 3 to pass and move in team shape with the emphasis on keeping possession of the ball
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