Warm up circle

This simple and fun activity is perfect for use on match days, allowing you to warm up your players with a quick burst of movement and a focus on ABCs

Difficulty rating ☆★★★★

Great for any age group, getting brains warmed up with gentle running and getting players to concentrate and think about what they have to do. Simple but very effective.

Set up

Set up as shown in the diagram with you in the middle and players stationed on cones around the perimeter of the centre circle.

How to play it

The players react and move to your call, as follows:
Go left – players side step continuously to the left
Go right – players side step continuously to the right
Two left or one right – players move one or two cones to the side called Middle – players run into the coach and jockey backwards out Go – the players sprint across the area and switch places with the player opposite
You can also increase the difficulty by combining calls


Players must be alert and on their toes at all times. They must be able to adjust their feet quickly for every new instruction.

    1. Using the centre circle of your pitch the coach stands in the middle and orchestrates the action
    2. Give each player a cone to stand behind so they have a starting point

    3. The coach gives directions from the centre and the players must react to his call
    4. Players must face the coach and go in the directions he calls out
    5. Calling out sequences quickly will make players concentrate on doing the right thing
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