Attack to defence – practice 1


These three practices create a session that will allow the players to work on their reactions to losing possession of the ball.


A circled area is set up with an additional smaller circle in the middle of the main area. The size of the two areas can be altered to change the level of difficulty. The players split into two teams. One team starts ‘in possession’ and therefore each player from that team has a ball. They are paired up with someone from the other team.


Players look to keep the ball away from their partner. If the defender wins the ball they look to get it to the central area, while the player who just lost the ball attempts to win it back. If the defender gets the ball to the central area, they and their partner then go and help their team-mates; either to keep a ball or to win it. The practice ends when the defending team gets all the balls into the central area. Teams then swap their roles and the game is played again. The team who is quickest in getting all of the balls into the central area wins.


On losing possession, players need to react immediately and prevent the defender from reaching the central area with the ball.

1. Defenders look to win possession from attackers in the outer area

2. If a defender wins possession, they aim to dribble into the inner area

3. Both the attacker and defender then re-join the outer area to support their respective team-mates

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