Attack to defence – practice 2


A fast-paced game that will need the players to react quickly if they are to have any chance of preventing their opponent from scoring.


A pitch with two small goals, diagonally across from each other. The players are split into two teams. Each team line up facing one of the goals, with every player having a ball.


A player from one team enters the pitch with a ball and attempts to score a point by passing the ball into the small goal opposite them. As soon as the player attempts to score a point, a player from the other team enters the pitch and tries to score in the other goal. The first player who just attempted to score becomes a defender and runs across the area to stop their opponent from scoring. The practice continues in this manner with the attacking player transitioning into a defender. After defending, the player leaves the pitch and re-joins the line. Changing the width of the pitch will alter the difficulty of the practice.


When defending, players should look to make a run that will place them in between the attacker and the goal. Once in this position the players can then look to win the ball.

1. One attacker starts by scoring unopposed

2. A player from the other team then attacks the opposite goal, with the original attacker now defending

3. The practice continues with attackers recovering to become defenders

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