The attacking soccer drills in this section aim to help you coach your players to make the most of the opportunities that come their way during a game. We look at ways to create chances for your attackers, small-sided games that will sharpen their reactions in front of goal, and tips on how to coach your attackers to be goal-machines.

Get it wide

in Attacking, Midfield

Use this session to encourage your players to get the ball wide in order to open up the pitch for an attacking move and to create more scoring opportunities MORE

The fourth dimension

in Attacking, Midfield

If you want to score more goals, use this activity to teach your players to develop solid midfield passing and to attack with the help of wide midfielders MORE

Fast forward

in Attacking, Passing

Fast forward movement puts pressure on the opposition as they try to win the ball back. This is a great session to show your players how to catch opponents out of position MORE

Hit the target

Two touch target

in Attacking, Shooting

Use this realistic shooting session to coach your players to receive a ball played to the edge of the penalty area and shoot with their second touch MORE

How to coach creative attack drills- part 1

Creative attack

in Attacking, Practice plans

It is important to let your players express themselves on the pitch. This will help them understand what each other is likely to do and this can lead to goals being scored. Recreating game scenarios in which players react to the movement of their team mates can teach this. MORE

Front press

in Attacking, Small Sided Games

The session is all about players who are ahead of the ball being able to recover to get behind it when possession is lost, forming a defensive unit or to pressing opponents when they have the ball. MORE

How to coach holding up the ball- part 1

Make it stick

in Attacking, Practice plans

A forward player who can hold the ball up with his back to goal can wait for support and give the team a better chance of scoring goals. This is how to “make it stick”. MORE

1-0 down tactics

in Attacking, Tactics

If you're 1-0 down at half-time you have to be more attacking in the second half. This session will help your team adopt a more attacking mindset without overcommitting up front. MORE

Score more goals


in Attacking, Shooting

Getting players used to passing and moving in different parts of the pitch is vital to their match day success MORE

How to coach setting back drills- part 1

Set it back!

in Attacking, Practice plans

Strikers often have to play with their backs to goal. Give your forwards the skills to be able to shield the ball and then set it back to a supporting midfielder with this session. MORE

How to coach your players to be welsh wing wizards - part 1

Welsh wing wizards

in Attacking, Practice plans

Devastate your opponent by using the width of the pitch when your team attacks. Wales and Tottenham Hotspur winger Gareth Bale and his international predecessor, Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs, are experts in this art. Teach your players how to make runs like them. MORE

Create goals

Create in possession

in Attacking, Small Sided Games

This session improves attacking players in key skill areas – namely in pre-movement (dynamic and elusive), penetration (with and without the ball), link-up play, plus the ability to focus on positive outcome MORE

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