10 Second Break

Get your team surging forward like Bayern Munich with a session that creates direct attacks on goal without losing any momentum


Why use it

This session is all about having a powerful engine in midfield, one capable of winning the ball and supporting it into the attacking third of the pitch, taking advantage of having an overload at speed.

Set up

Set up a 50×40-yard area with a 20×20-yard box in the centre of the pitch. We’ve used 14 players, playing 7v7 including keepers. You need bibs, balls, cones and two normal goals.

How to play

The game starts with a 3v3 in the centre box. There are also two defenders and an attacker at each end. The teams in the centre box try to string three passes together. If successful, the ball is then played to the attacker, releasing the team’s players from the centre box. The three players of the defending team remain locked in, giving a 4v2 overload to the attackers who have 10 seconds to score – if they don’t score or if they run out of time, play restarts with all players back in position and the ball with the opposition.


Look for good possession from the pass into the strikers. Pace and precision are important and the attackers must use width to pull the defence apart and make use of the overload.


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