1v1 duels

The 1v1 duel pitches two players in a tight situation where there can only be one winner. Who has got the determination and skill to claim the ball and dribble past their opponent to score a goal?

Why use it

Players need to be coached in the skills to beat players in 1v1 situations

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals in an area 50×30 yards with a 10×10 yard square in the centre. We used 10 players and a server in the session

How to do it

Two teams line up outside the square. The players enter the square and wait for you to pass to one of them. Once you make the pass the 1v1 duel commences.
The aim is for one of the players to dribble out of the opponent’s end line and into a 1v1 situation against the goalkeeper to score.
The next two players enter the square.
• The game is played for 10 minutes
• The teams must keep count of the number of goals they score
• The players must go out of their opponent’s end line. If the ball goes out of the side line then the 1v1 duel must restart with a new pass from you


To increase the difficulty for the player shooting, insist that once the player has dribbled out of the square they are then only allowed two touches prior to shooting at goal.

battles in 1v1

    1. A player from each team goes into the central square to go head to head against each other
    2. The coach and a good number of balls should be ready to start the duel

    3. The coach serves a ball into the two players and they duel for the ball – you can specify which player has the ball
    4. The player with the ball must try to beat his opponent and get out of the square to shoot at goal

Win the 1v1s

    5. Once the ball has gone dead the next two players enter the square
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