2 Goal v 1 Goal Game

Test your player’s decision making as they are presented with two goals in which to score. Can they switch play quickly to create a chance?

Set up

Area: 40 x 30 yards
Equipment: 3 Goals
Number of Players: 6 Outfield, 3 Goalkeepers

2 Goal v 1 Goal Game

The Rules

This features three teams of three, with outside players As and Bs, who have two touches and play to whichever team passes to them (1). Each team has a ball, and must exchange passes using the outside players, albeit with restrictions:

  1. The black team attacking 2 goals starts with the ball and can attempt to score in either goal.
  2. When a shot is taken or a tackle made the white team takes control of the ball and attacks the single goal against 3 new defenders.
  3. Now, when a shot is taken the new team attack the two goals which are now defended by the black team. The white team rests before returning to defend the single goal on the next attack.


The team that started the attack defends the 2 goals and then rests for a turn.

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