4v4 with 4 goals

Obviously kids thoroughly enjoy scrimmaging and coaches can use games to teach players without them realizing they are learning. Not only does this game help players stay connected but also starts introducing finishing and expands players range of passing.

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and small goals (or pop up/target goals). Set up a 40 x 25 yard area with a half way line. We used 8 players in the session.

How to play it

Two teams of four attack and defend two small goals, regular soccer rules except no corners. Teams must shoot from the attacking half of the pitch – when shooting all the players on that team must be in the attacking half for the goal to count and the defending team must have both defenders in that half or goals count double. In the progression the coach stands behind one of the goals and when he stands in front of the goal the team cannot score so they must go and attack the other goal.


This activity emphasizes on expanding a players range passing and receiving. With the introduction of finishing.

    1. Start with a regular 4v4 game with teams attacking and defending two goals.
    2. Teams/players can score in either of the two goals they are attacking but the shot must be taken in the attacking half.

    3. All players on the attacking team need to be in the attacking half for the goal to count.

      4. If not all the defenders are back then the goal counts for double.

      5. Coaches or other players now stand behind the goals and every 90 seconds step onto the field and stand in front of a goal If the coach is standing in front of the goal, the team is not allowed to score in that goal and must switch the play to try and score in the other one.
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