7 v 7 counter-attacking game

Use this fast and exciting training session to teach your players to recognise when a counter-attack is on. It encourages quick breakaway attacks and quick decision-making.

Why use it

Players get chances to score on the counter-attack and they must be quick to take advantage. Often young players will not see the overload when they receive the ball in situations that they need to exploit fast.

Set up

Set up an area of 50×40 yards with a goal at each end. We’ve used 14 players in this session. You need bibs, balls, cones and goals.

7 v 7 counter-attacking game image

How to play

Split your players into a 6v6 plus two goalkeepers. One team can score in both goals while the other team must defend both goals and make six passes to score. The keepers play for the team defending the two goals.

Play for six minutes and then rest for two minutes before swapping the roles of the teams – play four games so both teams attack twice.

Allow the players a couple of minutes at the start of each game to discuss their tactics. Discuss the choice of tactics at the end of the session.


Players must understand the game and that they are not attacking just one goal without seeing the overload at the other end. Tactics and shape are important, both with and without the ball. Speed of play is vital when teams win the ball.

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