All out attack

If you want to score more goals when playing at home, use this training session to teach your players how to attack all-out. This session is all about copying the attacking style of Manchester City, who have a strike partnership boosted by two attacking wingers for all-out attack when they are at home.

Set up

Set up an area of 40×30 yards with a goal at each end. We’ve used 18 players. You need bibs, cones, balls and two goals.

How to play it

Split your squad into four teams of four plus two keepers. Two teams play and the other two wait at opposite ends of the pitch. One team starts on the centre line and attacks the goal defended by the other team who are in play. If the attacking team scores they get two points and if the defending team clears the ball they get one point.
After each attack, the forwards become defenders at the end opposite to the one they were attacking and the defenders swap with the team waiting at the end that was attacked. The game continues in this way with a series of end-to-end attacks.


This is great for tactical awareness and getting the defence on the back foot. Quick play by the attacking team offers lots of chances to creatively set up team-mates or for individual scoring opportunities.

    1. The game starts with the attacking team who must work out their tactics to beat the defence
    2. Here the team has gone wide and clever movement in the penalty area has created space to score for two points

    3. The team that was attacking becomes the defending team and the team waiting comes on attacks
    4. Good combination play from the four attackers has carved an opening for one of the players to run onto and score for two points

    5. If the defending team can intercept and clear the ball they get one point
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