Argentina midfield support

When a team is on the attack it is vital midfield support is quick and the passes are the correct weight and into space. Argentina has an array of attacking talent. This activity seeks to improve the combined play of the forwards and the attacking midfielders

Set up

You need balls, bibs, cones and goals. Use half your normal pitch split into equal thirds. We’ve used 14 players in this session.

How to play it

Split your players into two equal teams of 7 including goalkeepers – each team has 1 defender in the defensive third 4 midfielders in the middle third and 1 attacker in the final third. The goalkeepers start the session with a pass to into the middle third. When a pass is made to the target player in the attacking third one midfielder may join the striker in the attacking third to create a 2 v1 to goal. Each new possession each player must return to their starting zone. Progress the session by allowing an extra defender in the defending zone to create a 2v2.


Passing and receiving. Dribbling with an end product – pass or shot. Shooting of the turn. Finishing quickly in numbers up situations.

    1. The goalkeeper starts the session with a pass into midfield
    2. When the target player receives the ball a midfield player can join him in the final third creating a 2v1

    3. Here the midfielder goes back to the open defender who can see an opportunity to pass long, up to the striker
    4. The midfield player receives the ball back from the target player and dribbles into the final third to set up the chance to shoot

    5. Here the target player drops into the midfield third to receive the ball and sees the decoy runs from his team mates so he turns away to create a chance
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