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Use this game to develop quick-thinking strikers who know how to combine to get past defenders and can create solid goalscoring chances. This provides great match preparation for strikers as they arrive at different angles, speeds and levels of fatigue due to the attack that has just taken place.

Set up

Use an area of 25×25 yards with goals on three sides (use cones if necessary). We used 15 players.

How to play it

Split the players into three teams of five, including goalkeepers. The keepers have a goal each to guard. Their team-mates are placed around the square as shown in diagram 1.
Play starts with the team on the side with no a goal. Teams work in pairs to defend the goal their keeper is guarding and they attack the goal directly opposite where they are standing.
The team that attacks the goal stays on to defend against the next team. Once one pair from each team has gone, the next pair goes. Play for five minutes then rotate the teams so they are defending a different goal.


This helps quick reactions to basic defending – one player goes to the ball while the other supports and covers the goal. Quick reactions by the attackers will create lots of goal scoring chances.

    1. Teams are set up so they come from different angles to attack the goals
    2. The session starts with the attackers on the side with no goal attacking the goal directly opposite

    3. The attacking team stays on to defend the next pair once the ball has gone dead
    4. Immediately the ball goes dead the next pair of attackers must be quick to exploit the space before the defending pair get organised

    5. Defenders must be aware of where their goal is in relation to the attackers – here the attack is facing an organised pair so they will have to be creative
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